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terynashley's podcast

Aug 16, 2017

Our guest on today’s podcast, Rosanna Guillot, is a shining example of a momma entrepreneur that is not about making excuses, and all about getting ish done. With a toddler and a brand new (and adorable, I might add) baby girl, she is rising to the occasion and doing the fun juggling act of motherhood and...

Aug 9, 2017

Well, I certainly had loads of fun with Krista Kathleen on today’s Messy Bun Revolution podcast episode! She has such an amazing story. She started out as a labor and delivery nurse, and is now a Digital Nomad, a life coach, and blowing all expectations out of the water as an entrepreneur.

In this episode, Krista...

Aug 2, 2017

We talked about a lot of great stuff in today’s podcast with Jennifer Csordas, military wife, mother of 4 great kids, and long time entrpeneur…12 years to be exact.

In this episode, Jennifer shares with us how to really get the most out of your time, and make the biggest impact in your business in those moments....

Jul 25, 2017

We get so wrapped up in marketing, focusing on the things that don't really matter...what happens when you decide that you'd rather work from home, build your business, and spend time with your family? 

Find out when we talk to PR expert, PollyAnna!

Jul 19, 2017

Do you ever feel like you're failing? For those days when you want to quit or feel like you just can't do it anymore, I've got a secret for you: you have to stay committed. Commitment means that you are in 100% and you are going to see your business succeed. 

Today's guest builds brands. And she will tell you how to...